8th Grade U.S. History

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ideas for a letter to soldiers

*Please sign only your 1st name and last initial (Gar E., Suzy Q, Jenny J.) and your hour
  Also - this can be done as a typed letter, handwritten letter, or card with decorations

1. For example: Dear Soldier/Trooper/ Military member,
Thank you for your service. I am a 7th grader.
I like to play sports.  My days begin at ____AM.   I go to school. (Do not put your city or location)
My favorite part of school is __________.
My favorite sports /hobbies are ______________.
I practice basketball  ___ days a week and have competitions on weekends ____or whatever____.       Tell more about your daily life (nothing too personal).   For example, It is track season right now.  It has been a rainy season and some of our meets have been canceled.  I really like running the ______.  My team is __________.  Our colors are red and black.   We are the pirates, AArrrggggg.
Tell about your family members?
2. Thank you again for your service.  We appreciate the valuable time you spend away from friends and family working and fighting for the freedom of all Americans.

Thank You,
Fred F.  1st hour

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