8th Grade U.S. History

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Wed. and Thursday Oct. 28 and 29
1. CNN
2. Read Tweentribune.com article
3. Write review on the article - 1 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday

Tues. Oct. 27
1. CNN
2. Check Grades
3. Do Missing work
4. Pass back papers
5. Research for the next project

Mon. Oct. 26: 
1. Take Week 7 CNN quiz
2. Grade Week 7 CNN
3. Watch CNN Week 8 Day 1


Friday, October 9, 2015

7th grade World History

1. Get papers back
2. CNN news
3. Super Hero Hominid work time

HW: Have the hominids ready on M/T

8th grade US History Friday Oct. 9

1. Get Papers back

2. CNN News

3. Go over Ch. 5 Section 4  WS

4. Work time for Sections 5-9

5. Monday/Tues.= have map and Sect. 5-7 done

HW: Yes, probably

Oct. 8 Thur. 7th grade World History

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday, Oct. 8, Current World Affairs

1. CNN news
2. Finish slide shows
3. Get it proofread by a friend (and proof read a friends slideshow)
4. Dropbox it to “tmchugh”.      If you can not dropbox, then you can email it to tmchugh@pinckneypirates.org
5. When done, students should read other news articles from the links on the right of my website:
        They should be looking for the next topic that they would like to do a project on.

HW: Be sure slide shows are ready to present on Friday

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wed. 10-7 World History

1. Watch CNN
2. Read article from www.teentribune.com
3. Answer the critical question at the end of the article

HW: No

US History Wed/Thur. 10-7 and 10-8

Please follow this link to Preamble #2
Download to your computer and answer the questions on Google docs under preamble #2 and today's date.

You should answer the questions on the preamble link above.  Another copy of those questions is here:
1. Watch the video link in the preamble link above
2. Think of items that you own.  Which items would you consider valuable enough to preserve?
3. Why would a nation take the time, energy and cost to preserve their documents?
 4. Tell the future...if students in the year 3000 were examining primary sources from the year 2015, which documents might give clues to your culture?

After the preamble time:
1. Work on the mapping activity - you will need to download the maps from classroom.google.com.
2. You may use other shades of red to color the red (for the redcoats) - Use purple, pink, etc....

After the map:
1. Read the rest of Chapter 5 (sections 4-8)
2. Finish the 1st page of the packet to be due Friday

HW: Be sure above work is done


CWA Tues., Oct 6

1. CNN
2. Work time on projects - due Thursday end of class

Monday 10-5 CWA

1. Take Quiz over last week's CNN news
2. Watch today's CNN news
3. Short work time for the Slideshow projects

7th Grade World History Mon/Tues 10/5 and 10/6

1. CNN for today - Week 5
2. Correct Week 4 CNN (last week)
3. Take Chapter 1 quiz - open note, open study guide, and open workbook
4. Read Chapter 2
5. Fill out Chapter 2 worksheet

HW: Fill out the Chapter 2 worksheet

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday/Tuesday, 10-5/6 8th Grade US History

Preamble #1

1. Watch National Archive video
2. Visit this site: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/

3. Answer on your Drive for preamble #1

What interested you? What did you discover that you did not already know?
Rate this stop in DC on a scale of 10 to 1......10 is FANTASTIC....1 is bleck 

4. Once done with the Preambles, then we had introductions of the Portrait Posters that students made.

HW: No 

Current World Affairs 10-2 Friday

1. Current Events
2. Work time on projects - due next Friday.

7th World History Friday 10-7

1.  CNN review
2. Get and work on the study guide for the Chapter 1 quiz that will be on Monday/Tuesday.

HW: Study and Be ready for the CH. 1 quiz

Friday, October 2, 2015

8th Grade SS Friday Oct. 2

1. Turn in Ch. 5 Sec. 3 WS
2. CNN
3. Review the Ch. 5 Sec. 3 notes
4. Body Posters???