8th Grade U.S. History

Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/28 Thur. Laptop turn in day

1. On form - PRINT NEATLY your name, username, student ID number, yr. of graduation

2. Tie White tag to the bag

3. Turn on your computer - teacher will confirm that it works/runs with no cracks in screen

4. After Teacher confirms that it works, shut down the computer

*If you are missing your plastic name tag,  please put a new one with your name and username on it.  **If you have the plastic tag part but no name, then put a paper with name and username on it into the tag.
***Be sure your strap is tight around the computer bag
*** Put the powercord into the side pouch
**** Be sure the bag is cleared of all papers and personal stuff/junk.

5. I will call you up alphabetically to inspect the machine.

HW: Do you have all missing and late work turned in?  If so, chill.

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