8th Grade U.S. History

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday, 6/4 Last Full Day!!

Thank you for a truly great year!

1. CNN news

2. Greek Song

3. Prince of Egypt

4. 7th grade Social Studies award - A's all year

HW: No

Wednesday 6/3

We had hours 1-4.  Citizenship party in the afternoon.

1. Watch end of Mulan or other video

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mon./Tues. June 1 and 2

1. Grade last week's CNN (Week 35)

2. Hand in Olmec, Maya, Inca, Aztec Worksheet

3.  Hand out papers and progress report - This is not final, but close

4. Hand in Books - keep workbooks

5. Mr. Peabody and Sherman - note the ancient time periods they visit

6. Roman Comic Book

7. If time, Watch CNN

HW: Make sure missing and late work is in