8th Grade U.S. History

Friday, September 14, 2012

Advisory Friday 9-14

Last day to turn in the signature sheets

1. Get Books
- Write in PEN your name on the inside cover
- Fill out Pink sheet, my name is Mr. McHugh, put class hour, Grade, Book title, note any problems with the book.
- Turn in pink sheet

2. Get Workbook - Personalize it with drawings, pictures, etc...  (this is required)
   -Name on Binding, pg. 200, and Front (all are required in PEN)

3. Read and review the "why study history" ideas.  We will narrow it down on M/T.

4. Watch CNN News.

HW: No, but next week you probably will have it.

M/T - Why study History - Finalizing, Book Tour Wksheet, Mapping activity
W/Th - Vocabulary and Reading Chapter 1....
Fri - Notes for the Chapter

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