8th Grade U.S. History

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Current World Affairs Wed. 9-30

1. CNN

2.  http://www.vagabomb.com/The-Syrian-Refugee-Crisis-Explained-Perfectly-With-a-Simple-Animation-Video/

3. More research on current events
     More ideas: Why are bats dying?   Why are bees dying?  Are bird populations plunging?  Is global warming really happening?  Deforestation.  Melting Ice Caps.    Dangers of natural gas fracking.    OIL PIPELINE COMING THROUGH PINCKNEY AREA.  GMO, Mansanto and Toxic Farming practices. Food shortages because of drought, and soil depletion.  How to grow food.   Hazards in industrial pollution.  Racial issues in America.  The realities of war.  Growth of the prison industry.  Lies about the war on drugs.  Heroine problems in Michigan.  Lies about immigration.  How can the USA disconnect from fossil fuels (oil/gas). Perma-culture and sustainable living.

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