8th Grade U.S. History

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan. 5 and 6 M/T

1. CNN Student News

2. Pretest for India

3. New Seats

4. Grade the Jewish History Booklets

Look at the % of cultures in the USA vs. our local spots.

Cultural percentages for the USA

5. Fill out the map on Pg. 91 in the workbook.  Use pg. 121 in the textbook.
Be sure to do the key, coloring, cities, mountains, countries, islands, seas, waterways, scale of miles

Finish the map work on pg. 91. Do not do pg. 90 in workbook

Put a check mark when you have labeled or done the item below

Things to label or color on pg. 91 of your workbook.  Look at pg. 121 in text for help.

__Create and color the key and the spots on the map where the colors and arrows go (3 different colors that do NOT have to be the same as the book)

__Scale of Miles
__Compass Rose

__Arabian Sea
__Indian Ocean
__Bay of Bengal
__South China Sea
__Pacific Ocean
__Indus River
__Ganges River
__Kapilavastu (Buddha’s birthplace)
__Bodh Gaya

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