8th Grade U.S. History

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb. 10 and 11 M/T

1. Finalize the pamphlets/brochures
      Be sure your name and hour are on them.
      Dropbox them when done asap in class. (Mr. McHugh will print them)
      If doing it by hand, turn it into the tray

2. Do the Chapter 7 and Ch. 8 worksheets.  These are review as we begin prepping for the upcoming unit test.

3. Read Ch. 12  (yes, really read it)

4. Do 24 word summary for pages  Top for pgs. 111-113 and bottom for pgs. 114-117

5. Do the fill in the blanks for the Chapter 12 notes

6. Watch CNN or read the news IF done with all of the above.

7. Share the news with the class

HW: Finish all of the work above

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