8th Grade U.S. History

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Study Day

Hello Students,

Friday is a study day in social studies.  It will be the first study day of the
year.  Here are a few reminders about it:

-Your first task is to make up any late or absent work in social studies and then
any other class that you have.
-Once class begins, you may only use your computer if the assignment requires
computer work.  You will need to check with me and show me that the only way to do
the assignment will be with the computer.
-If done with all current work and missing/late work, then you may read a book
(like a book from the library).
-I have boring books you can choose from if you do not bring a book to class :-)
-You will not be playing games or listening to music on your computers.

If the study day goes well, then we might have another one.  If it does not, then
we probably won't have another one.

See you all tomorrow.
Mr. McHugh

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