8th Grade U.S. History

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mon./Tues. 4/30 and May 1

1.  Read Ch. 17 (4 pages long)
2. Do pg. 118 in workbook - design a webpage based on requirements on pg. 118.  (This is homework if not done in class).  See Nike.com for an example of a webpage.  Or, see pinckneyschools.org for an example.   You will need a picture (illustration/graphic), link/button (same thing), color, paragraph about the chapter, and use the 6 terms listed somewhere in your "webpage"

3. Read Ch. 18 and  do Think Aloud worksheet - Writing 10-15 words per box and skip 2 boxes (homework if not done in class)

4. If time, CNN student news (with headphones)
       If time, check out local news from Livingstondaily.com, or annarbornews.com, or world news at google.com/news. 

5.  With 25 minutes left in class (9:35, 11:25, and 1:47), pair up with _______________________ partner and answer the cards for the Geography Challenge - pg. 128-129 in Workbook.  Use your textbook pg. 181 to help with answers.  (We will finish this assignment on Wed./Thur. in class)

HW:   Finish the pg. 118 in workbook and the think aloud.
Bring in items for Wed./Thur.  (building China's mountains and land)
         Cardboard         Scissors    Markers      Glue Sticks

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