8th Grade U.S. History

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thur./Fri. 11/17 and 18

1. Finalize your writing on the essay for mesopotamia
Required Tips:
Proofread....spell check. Double check capitalizing, etc...
Put a title for your essay....make it interesting. 
Put your name on it.
Use size 14 font and an easy to read font!!!!
Separate the paragraphs - use indent or put a space between the paragraphs
SAVE IT as      hour_usernameand year_mesopotamia.......for example: 4_mchtom17_mesopotamia

2. Dropbox the essays
3. Grade the essays
4. Share some of the best essays
5. Do pg. 46-47 in the workbook.  Use pg. 60-61 in text to help you.
6. Watch CNN student news
7. If time, Watch city and towns

HW: No

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